About Dr. Herrick

My story truly starts in the transformative year of 1989. After achieving my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1984 and a degree in Chinese Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1986, I moved my practice from Portland to the quiet town of Ashland, Oregon in 1987. It was ultimately the birth of my son two years later that transformed how I perceive the human body and health. What I least expected after welcoming my baby to the world was that my health would decline dramatically. I used every naturopathic and Chinese medicine method I know to heal myself but wasn't improving. I envisaged a solution that would help me find resolution and through my search discovered auricular medicine. The results and dramatic improvement of this energy medicine changed my life, and led me to study auricular medicine in depth. In 2002 I added biotherapeutic drainage to my repertoire to help clients unblock their bodies at the intracellular level, maximizing kidney and liver function and allowing the body to heal itself. I have studied extensively with Dr's Gerard Genoit, Robert Abell, Dickson Thom, and Mikhael Adams.
Dr. Herrick - Western Herbs in Ashland, OR
Dr. Herrick with her dog, Zephina.
Today I thrive on helping you unravel the story of your body, whether your symptoms are acute or chronic. I treat the individual and help you find the right combination of naturopathic medicine, energy medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture. While we may not find a “fix” in one visit over time we can get to the root of the imbalance and let your body perform at its optimum. Let's find the solution that will change your life!

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